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Drawings & Model outputs

3D modeling ,2D fabrication shop drawings and Data output to any customer or project standards with SANS and SABS guidelines.

-    Anchor bolt plans and details
-    Existing material plans and lay-out
-    Site preparation plans
-    Fabrication & Parts shop drawings
-    Assembly drawings & Loading lists
Erection drawings & Field details
-    Grating layouts
-    Misc. Metals layouts and details
-    Stairs and Handrails
-    Connection Design
-    CNC (NC), DXG, DXF, PDF, ect Files
-           Material & Part Control Lists
-           Bolt Lists ect.
-           Data files available in pdf, doc, txt, html, xls, xml ect.
Blue Bear Detailing provides high quality Structural Steel Detailing and Drafting Services for steel fabricators in South Africa and Africa.


Blue Bear can produce 3D wire frame models of the proposed structure by working directly with the structural engineer or designer complete with preliminary detailing, material reports, and 2D/3D design drawings during the tender process.

Automated Steel Detailing

Our tools provide us with the ability to design and create an intelligent building model of any size or complexity with ease and precision.

Blue Bear Detailing make use of a structural building information modeling (BIM) system covering the entire structural design process from conceptual design to detailing, fabrication and construction.

The 3D model contains all the information required for design, manufacturing and construction; all drawings and reports are fully integrated within the model - generating consistent output. Compared to document-based systems, 3d Modeling technology yields a more cost efficient, quality result.

We can effectively control the total structural design process - information management is enhanced via a shared 3D interface (DXF,DWG,ext). We successfully address the needs of consulting engineers, fabricators, erectors and project managers.
Types of structures

-         Heavy Industrial Buildings
-    Complex Commercial Buildings
-    Plant Support Structures
-    Multi-Story Structures
-    Hospitals & Medical Building Support Steel
-    Industrial and Commercial Platforms 
-    Shopping Centers
-    Trusses
-    Industrial  Plants
-    Tower Structures
-    Miscellaneous (Stairs, Handrails, Ladders, & Gratings)
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